A research study between Seattle BioMed's Malaria Clinical Trials Center (MCTC) and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will evaluate experimental drugs that may prevent and/or treat malaria, and it will include a malaria challenge. >>More

Founder Ken Stuart, PhD, was named a Pioneer in Global Health Award winner through the Washington Health Global Alliance. The Award for Impact recognizes Dr. Stuart's nearly 40-year dedication to eliminating the world's most devastating infectious diseases. >>More

Professor John Aitchison is a co-recipient of a $10.9 million grant from the NIH’s Institute of General Medical Sciences to establish a new Biotechnology Resource to aid researchers in interpreting complex biological systems, such as cancer and infectious diseases.   >> More

Mapping a Killer

Mapping a Killer
Someone dies from tuberculosis every 20 seconds, yet there's still no effective vaccine. Our groundbreaking map of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis gene regulatory network lays the foundation for new treatments. >>Learn More

Unlocking Malaria

Unlocking Malaria
Victims of cerebral malaria often die from malaria-induced blood clots. Seattle BioMed’s Joe Smith, Ph.D., and a global team, pinpointed the lock-and-key mechanism that allows clots to form. Learn more >>

June's issue of Discover features Stefan Kappe discussing work underway to develop malaria vaccines at Seattle BioMed. While the full article is only available to magazine subscribers, you can check out a preview here.

HIV/AIDS Vaccine Work 
In collaboration with four other organziations, Seattle BioMed announces a $9.8M grant from the NIH to advance neutralizing antibody research from preclinical to clinical trials.   More >>

At Seattle BioMed, we are tipping the fight against infectious disease.  We put HIV, tuberculosis and malaria scientists under one roof with systems biology experts to work on our only agenda: to do science that accelerates progress and improves lives. >> Watch our video


Novel Agents Capable of Killing TB Identified

Researchers in the lab of Professor David Sherman, Ph.D., have developed and screened several compounds with antibacterial properties capable of destroying Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), the bacterium that causes TB. These compounds, called anti-folates, block the folate pathway, which is responsible for the synthesis of the essential cellular building blocks, without which Mtb cannot survive. The results of this study were published in the June issue of the journal Chemistry and Biology.  More >>

A Novel Malaria Vaccine Approach

In September 15th's R&D Magazine, Dr. Stefan Kappe defines the struggles of current malaria vaccines in clinical trials. In order to create a successful malaria vaccine, Kappe and his team developed a GAP vaccine strategy that prohibits the parasite from leaving the liver and causing infection. More>>

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