Mapping a Killer

Mapping a Killer
Someone dies from tuberculosis every 20 seconds, yet there's still no effective vaccine. Our groundbreaking map of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis gene regulatory network lays the foundation for new treatments. Learn More > >

Unlocking Malaria

Unlocking Malaria
Victims of cerebral malaria often die from malaria-induced blood clots. Seattle BioMed’s Joe Smith, Ph.D., and a global team, pinpointed the lock-and-key mechanism that allows clots to form. Learn more >>

Thanks to our donors at our Passport Celebration, we raised more than $500,000 in contributions for our research into new drugs and vaccines for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. We know that solutions to the world's most devastating diseases are within our grasp. Thank you.      Learn More >>

HIV/AIDS Vaccine Work 
In collaboration with four other organziations, Seattle BioMed announces a $9.8M grant from the NIH to advance neutralizing antibody reserach from preclinical to clinical trials.   More >>

At Seattle BioMed, we are tipping the fight against infectious disease.  We put HIV, tuberculosis and malaria scientists under one roof with systems biology experts to work on our only agenda: to do science that accelerates progress and improves lives. >> Watch our video


Welcome to the new biology

At Seattle BioMed, we put HIV, tuberculosis and malaria scientists all under one roof—along with astrophysicists, mathematicians and computer scientists—and empower them to pursue new drugs, vaccines and diagnostics. This integrative approach is transforming the research landscape for the infectious diseases that claim 14 million lives each year. As an independent non-profit biomedical research institute, our only agenda is to do science that accelerates progress and improves lives. Join our mission

Scientist spotlight: Dan Zak, Ph.D.

With formal training in chemical engineering and a passion for playing the sarod (stringed instrument from India) Scientist Dan Zak brings a unique and valuable skill set to Seattle BioMed. Dan took a moment to answer a few questions; read the interview

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Seattle BioMed Partners With Retrogenix in the Search for Human Protein Receptors Associated With Severe Malaria
Seattle BioMed and Retrogenix, a U.K.-based biotechnology company, are pleased to announce that they have commenced a
April 29, 2014
Hamabee, April 29, 2014

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