John Aitchison, President and Director

In a unanimous vote, the Board of Trustees of the Center for Infectious Disease Research appointed Dr. John Aitchison as the third president and director in our 40 year history.

Aitchison steps into his new role at a time of unparalleled prospects in the fight against infectious diseases, just as issues of awareness and funding of pioneering scientific research become more critical than ever. Formerly the Center’s Chief Scientific Officer, John has held key leadership roles at CID Research since 2011. He also leads the Aitchison Lab on the development and application of systems biology approaches to infectious disease.

John came to Seattle in 2000 as a faculty member at the Institute for Systems Biology and is internationally recognized as a pioneer of the systems biology approach and, most recently, its application to infectious disease. His involvement in the scientific community is extensive: He holds affiliate or adjunct professorship positions at the University of Washington, the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta as well as the Institute for Systems Biology. He also holds various teaching assignments and serves in numerous editorial and advisory roles to scientific journals, research institutes and biotech companies.

“I am honored by the Board’s confidence in my leadership and vision, and for the opportunity to continue working alongside outstanding and dedicated colleagues at CID Research,” says Aitchison. “Our mission has never been more critical – but the technologies available to us today enable brand new approaches, never before possible. I am sure these methods will lead to breakthroughs that will save lives, relieve suffering, strengthen societies and expand economies across the globe.”

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