Our state of the art facility has two dedicated insectaries – one for rearing a GMP grade Anopheles colony in support of the Malaria Clinical Trial Center (MCTC) and one for rearing research grade mosquitoes for bench research projects. Mosquitoes are used for a number of research projects both internally and externally with the bulk used for infection with a number of different malaria infection models.

Uninfected and infected cages are available for purchase. We ship live uninfected and rodent infected mosquitoes (P. yoelii and P. berghei) to investigators within the United States for research use. Mosquito cages will be shipped under UN2900 guidelines, shipping costs to be paid by recipient laboratories including return of empty biosafety suitcase to the Center for Infectious Disease Research.

We can also provide dissected cryopreserved P. falciparum sporozoites but for safety reasons cannot ship live infected mosquitoes. P. falciparum sporozoites are purified prior to cryopreservation and stored in liquid nitrogen. We typically sell cryopreserved sporozoites per vial containing 1 Million sporozoites but can freeze in larger or smaller quantities upon request. Post-thawing, these sporozoites are intact and active.

Current Mosquito Species

Current Mosquito Species being grown or produced in the facility:

Plasmodium Species:

Please contact the Insectary Manager for more information or to discuss specific project needs. We are happy to provide additional services or support upon request.

Insectary Pricing