Scientist Spotlight: Bridget Fisher

Dr. Bridget Fisher discusses the impact of HIV and the Center's vaccine efforts

Seattle nonprofit in trials to create HIV vaccine

Dr. Bridget Fisher on KING 5 "Seattle nonprofit in trials to create HIV vaccine"

October 2017--- As a postdoc in the Sodora Lab, Dr. Bridget Fisher is an expert in HIV. Ten years ago, she was studying the illegal market for bush meat in rural Kenya - a different path than might be expected for an HIV researcher. But it's that experience she credits with launching her career path towards CID Research.

"That was the first time that I grasped the scale of HIV and the impact that it has," Bridget recalls. "We'd go each day to a village and there were two boys off to the side. I was told they were HIV orphans - they'd lost both their parents to this disease and now they had no where to go. That really stuck with me, that this is what infectious diseases do. Here in the U.S., we have a lot of safety nets, but there, and in other resource-poor areas, they had no safety nets."

When Bridget returned home, she decided to study host-pathogen interactions, and used that graduate work as a springboard to her work here at CID Research.

Today she focuses on understanding the HIV pathogen as part of the Sather/Sodora Labs' efforts to develop a much-needed HIV vaccine. This novel HIV vaccine approach is currently in pre-clinical studies.

Learn more about this work and the impact of HIV in her interview with KING 5 News and Q13 News.

Q13 News "Seattle researchers working on a HIV vaccine"

Seattle Researchers Working on a HIV Vaccine

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