Leonidas Stamatatos, Ph.D.

Professor & Scientific Director, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
Affiliate Professor, Department of Global Health, University of Washington
Area of Expertise: HIV/AIDS, immunology, vaccinology

The emphasis of Leo Stamatatos’ work is to develop a safe and effective vaccine to combat the spread of HIV and to investigate how HIV infection leads to AIDS.


A major area of interest for Stamatatos' lab is to better understand how neutralizing antibodies against HIV are developed during natural HIV-infection, in a subset of individuals infected with HIV. They are particularly interested in:

  • identifying immunological pathways that lead to the development of broadly neutralizing antibodies during natural HIV infection and exploit these pathways for vaccine-related purposes
  • understanding how the virus evolves to avoid the action of such antibodies

The Stamatotos group utilizes diverse approaches and iterative methodologies to design and test candidate HIV vaccines


  • HIV envelope structure/function relationship
  • B cell immunology in the conext of HIV infection
  • HIV evolutionary escape pathways and pathogenesis
  • HIV vaccine design

Stamatatos’ research is currently supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).