David Sherman, Ph.D.

Professor, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
Adjunct Professor , Department of Global Health, University of Washington
Area of Expertise: tuberculosis, drug discovery, systems biology



  • Helped to define the molecular and biochemical response of M. tuberculosis to oxidative stress and to drugs such as isoniazid.
  • Developed methods to maintain M. tuberculosis for extended periods in defined microaerophilic environments.
  • Identified and characterized the M. tuberculosis response to reduced oxygen tension.
  • Defined and characterized the molecular lesion responsible for attenuation of the TB vaccine, M. bovis BCG, which has been given to billions of people worldwide.


  • University of Washington
  • Infectious Disease Research Institute
  • Harvard University
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Stanford University
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College, London
  • University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg